Weekly Round Up: Jeff Lieberman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stacy Malkan

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers have been up to this week:


If you’re in the Boston/Cambridge area next Wednesday, you can experience the newest art installation by Jeff Lieberman (and his partner Dan Paluska).  They’re not saying what the piece is, other than the name: “Fish Out Of Water”. So, will it be a kinetic sculpture? A musical piece? A photographic display? Some combination therein? I guess we’ll find out!


Well, this should be interesting, speaking of new art … Neil deGrasse Tyson is joining forces with George R. R. Martin to create a new video game, in which you create entire worlds! How cool is that?


If reporters rely on corporate PR to write their stories (without using other primary sources), are they still objective reporters, or company shills? Stacy Malkan looks at how a Reuters reporter is a mouthpiece for companies attacking the work of a UN agency investigating cancer causing chemicals.


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