Weekly Round Up: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephanie Coontz, Jessica Valenti

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers are up to this week:


Neil deGrasse Tyson is well known for the humor (and the sheer volume) of his tweets. Someone was nice enough to compile his ten funniest ones on this link. Good news – not click-bait, all ten on one page!


Stephanie Coontz sees millennials as returning to the lifestyles of 1950’s families. For good or for ill, I cannot say. That’s a lovely dress you’re wearing, Mrs. Cleaver.


Jessica Valenti, in her Guardian column this week, says “When the default assumption is that men cannot control themselves or that women are just that irresistible, it does a disservice to both genders.” She still has Mike Pence on her mind …


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