Weekly Round Up: Robert Kirshner, Jessica Valenti

Happy Wednesday! An abbreviated blog post for an abbreviated week!


The coming solar eclipse (August 21) will sweep across the US from Oregon to South Carolina. If you are in the path of totality, or even if you’re not, you do NOT want to look directly at the sun!  Regular sunglasses will not help you, either. But as Harvard astronomer Robert Kirshner (who works with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation), over 2 million pairs of solar-safe sunglasses will be distributed for free by 4,800 libraries across the nation. A tip of the hat to the Foundation for its foresight -Go grab a pair now before the rush!


Jessica Valenti finally cuts through all the noise and gets down to the most basic idea of the Trump Presidency; he doesn’t see women as full members of the human race.


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