Weekly Round Up- Steve Brodner, Annie Leonard, Robert Bullard

Happy Tuesday! (we’re a day early) Let’s see what our speakers are up to this week:


When it comes to editorial cartoon satire, how far is too far? Some people in Los Angeles think Steve Brodner went too far when the LA Times ran this illustration. What do you think?


Annie Leonard is interviewed about Trump’s EPA appointments and the orders continue the NDAPL. “More than ever before, we need to be awake, we need to be alert, and we need to be involved.”


In St. Louis, for his MLK Day remarks at Washington University Medical School, Robert Bullard was quoted as saying: “Fifty six percent of the residents who live in a two-mile radius of a hazardous waste facility are people of color. When you add two or more facilities, that number jumps to 69 percent. We make up only 37 percent of the population. We are getting more than our fair share of pollution.”


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