Weekly Round Up: New Projects from Daniel H. Wilson, Sandra Steingraber, Jeff Lieberman

Happy Wednesday! Today let’s look at some of the exciting new projects our speakers are involved in!


Daniel H. Wilson is certainly prolific! We’re still talking about his novel The Clockwork Dynasty, and he’s released another new book! Guardian Angels and Other Monsters is a short story collection. As this review notes, “The stories share a common theme — the relationship between mechanical and flesh-and-blood people — but the variety among them is impressive.” There aren’t many novelists/fiction writers who have their Ph.D. in Robotics … and this background informs his fiction with wild yet believable characters and premises.


Moving from the imaginary to the all-too-real, the documentary film UNFRACTURED features Sandra Steingraber and her quest to end fracking and the environmental ills it causes. You can see the trailer here.  As the website says, “Unlike other films on the issue, this documentary is not a polemic on the harms of fracking. Instead, this observational documentary is an intimate look at one activist’s convictions, hopes, and sacrifices.” If you’re in the Boston area, there will be a screening and Q+A with Sandra at the JP Forum on May 23rd. Don’t miss it!


Jeff Lieberman is a person of many talents; a roboticist, photographer, musician … and with his newest work, a sculptor. Life of Tree is a kinetic installation at the University of Utah, and this video captures the imagination and creativity of its designer. “Life of Tree … simulates a tree’s reflection in water; a metaphor for how all scientific theories are only a reflection of the underlying reality. Depending on the distortions of our theories, the reality is seen more or less clearly.” Take a minute and watch this creation unfold!


And those are the stories for this week! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest from all of our speakers, scientists and change makers!