Weekly Round Up: The Andres Oppenheimer edition

Happy Wednesday! This week, let’s take a closer look at journalist/foreign affairs columnist Andres Oppenheimer!


Oppenheimer’s twice-weekly column The Oppenheimer Report appears in over 60 newspapers in the US and internationally. An editor for the Miami Herald, he also is the anchor of “Oppenheimer Presenta” on CNN En Espanol. His expertise in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean has made him a go-to expert for news sources like the New York Times, the BBC, and 60 Minutes.


His investigative reporting into US involvement in Central American politics lead to a Pulitzer-Prize winning series of reports that broke open what is now knows as the “Iran-Contra Scandal”, in which the CIA secretly and illegally sold weapons to Iran (subject of an arms embargo) in order to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. This reporting led to indictments and convictions of several Reagan White House staffers including the Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor.


His reporting in the Americas includes uncovering the possibility of election fraud in the 1988 Mexican presidential election, and the slow recovery in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Marie.


Forbes Media Guide selected him as one of the “500 most important journalists” in the US, and Poder Magazine named him one of the “100 most powerful people in Latin American”.


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