Weekly Round Up: The Immigration Edition

Happy Wednesday! Let’s look at this week’s news … which has been dominated by talk about immigration to the US. We have a few speakers whose work touches upon this issue …


Such as Arsalan Iftikhar, a Muslim human rights attorney and Senior Research Fellow with Georgetown University’s “Bridge Initiative”.  His book Scapegoats was described as “… an important book that shows Islamophobia must be addressed urgently. Violence or hate speech against any community based on their faith is un-American and is against our founding principles…” by former President Jimmy Carter. Here’s a video of Arsalan discussing the Trump administration’s decision to leave the UN Human Rights Council.


Founded by Enrique Morones, Border Angels is an all volunteer non profit organization. Border Angels advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on those issues related on Latino issues on the US-Mexican border. Here’s a recent news story in which Enrique talks about the rising immigrant death toll in the unforgiving Southwester desert.


Daisy Hernandez is the author of the memoir A Cup of Water Under My Bed. In this recent interview, Daisy notes ““I was confused why the American Dream didn’t get to include everyone”. Speaking of her immigrant family (Cuba and Colombia), she says “Even with Trump, he does want immigrants. He just wants them from Norway. He’s pro-white…”


Rinku Sen has, for decades, advocated and fought for immigration reform. As a long-time leader of Race Forward, Rinku has been a leading figure in the fight for social justice and racial equality. Her book The Accidental American calls for a bold new approach to immigration: a free international flow of labor to match globalization’s free flow of capital. Here’s a recent video from The Maven discussing the Starbucks decision to offer racial sensitivity training to its employees.


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