Weekly Round Up: The Science Edition

Happy Wednesday! This week we’re going to take a few peeks at what our science-related speakers are up to these days.


Sandra Steingraber’s environmental research and activism are the focus of the new documentary UNFRACTUREDDaniel H. Wilson’s book ROBOPOCALYPSE is in film development, with Spielberg producing, Michael Bay directing … Michael Mann’s climate change book THE MADHOUSE EFFECT is being widely read on college campuses … Christine McKinley is hard at work on her follow up to her first book PHYSICS FOR ROCK STARSNeil deGrasse Tyson’s ASTROPHYSICS FOR PEOPLE IN A HURRY has remained on the New York Times best-sellers list for over a year now! … David Quammen, who has written definitive books on Ebola (SPILLOVER) and the father of evolution (THE RELUCTANT MR. DARWIN) turns his attention to the ‘Tree of Life’ in this fall’s THE TANGLED TREECharles Mann continues to get rave reviews for his newest book THE WIZARD AND THE PROPHETJeff Lieberman’s newest kinetic sculpture, LIFE OF TREE, debuts in it’s new installation at the University of Utah …


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