Weekly Roundup – Kathleen Hanna, Jessica Valenti, and the recently concluded Olympics

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Some updates …


For Kathleen Hanna, brevity is the soul of wit, as she describes in this recent interview … “Which is great, except for when I end up with something where I sing the whole time and there’s no time for me to breathe. And I’m like (laughs) you guys, you’ve cut this too short!”


On her weekly podcast, Jessica Valenti talks to Jessica Bennett about sexism in the workplace and discusses how to navigate difficult employers and “bropropriator” colleagues.


We all know about the gold, silver, and bronze medals awarded at the Olympics, but did you know there is also the Pierre de Coubertin medal, awarded for “extraordinary displays of sportsmanship” New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin and American Abbey D’Agostino became the 18th and 19th recipients of the unusual award. Congratulations to these fine athletes for their actions – and congratulations to the Olympic Committee for acknowledging it.