Weekly Roundup – Lilly Ledbetter, Christine McKinley, Sonia Shah

Happy Wednesday everyone! Catch up with the latest news from our headlining speakers!

Lilly Ledbetter spoke at the inaugural “United State of Women Summit”, hosted by the White House, where she shared the podium with luminaries such as President Obama and Vice President Biden, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

Christine McKinley recent traveled to Utah State University to speak to a group of local high school women students, and encouraged them to live “The Smart Girl Life”! Christine knows from personal experience that these young women are at the age that many women turn away from STEM programs. She talks about her experiences in a recent NPR interview that you can hear here!

Recently in The Nation, Sonia Shah wrote about “The Age of Contagions”, from antibiotic-resistant viruses to the new threat of the Zika virus, and points out that these pathogens are a political challenge as well as a scientific one.

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