Weekly Roundup – Stephanie Coontz, Ainissa Ramirez, Arn Chorn Pond

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Let’s see what our speakers are up to this week:


“There’s no one magic tip for marriage. There is no single secret.” So says Stephanie Coontz in a recent article about marriage. Well, that’s a relief!


Congratulations go out to Ainissa Ramirez, whose work was recognized by the American Association of Engineering Societies, “For her clear passion to make engineering and science understandable to young people and the general public enabled by a splendid talent to communicate in an articulate, engaging, and meaningful manner via social media, the web, books, periodicals, and broadcasting.”


Next week (May 7), The Greenwich (CT) Library will feature a book discussion with Arn Chorn Pond along with author Patricia McCormick, about Never Fall Down, McCormick’s book about Arn’s experiences in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge genocide. This will be part of a month-long celebration of contemporary Cambodian art and culture. Not to be missed!


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