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We hope that everyone has been enjoying Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Can’t wait until next Sunday? Check out the trailer for episode 3 here!


Looking to enhance your Cosmos experience? Download the official Cosmos app from the app store for breathtaking imagery, unique videos and additional exclusive content.


Yesterday, storm chaser Warren Faidley wished everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day with this epic pic:


Faidely St. Patty's Day


Activist-surfer Kyle Thiermann releases the newest installment of his Surfing for Change film series. The latest film, Pro Surfers vs. GMOs, explores the heated battle over genetically engineered seed testing taking place on the Hawaiian Islands.


Bloomberg Business Week discusses Ethiopian Church Forests with Dr. Margaret Lowman.


Author and mathematician, Dr. Steven Strogatz joins Science Friday to celebrate Pi Day!


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