Video Friday: "At the Edge of the World" Trailer

Salon admits that if you’re already inclined to believe that Sea Shepherd’s tactics are reckless and irresponsible, the film “At the Edge of the World” isn’t likely to change your mind.

But Salon writer Andrew O’Hehir injects his own opinion into his review of the documentary:

“What I see here is 46 people from many different walks of life all over the world who have rejected a life of passive, snarky Internet citizenship in favor of something much more vigorous, and dangerous. They’ve put their lives and freedom at risk in rust-bucket pirate ships in the vastness of the Southern Ocean. They’ve survived fear and icebergs and violent seasickness and saved the lives of hundreds of whales. They’ve seen Antarctica and had a life-transforming experience. If “At the Edge of the World” is an eco-fringe recruitment video, I can’t imagine a better one.”

Check out the trailer for the award-winning film “At the Edge of the World” (starring Captain Paul Watson) below. To learn more about Paul Watson, or to bring him to your school, non-profit, or organization, click here.