Weekly Round Up! Sports Camp and Racial Justice.

Happy Tuesday!


It seems there’s always plenty to keep us busy.  Perhaps we should take a tip from Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, spotted last month using his laptop on the subway, a form of transit he describes as “fast, cheap, and easy,” adding that, “when I do, I am always working. … The universe can be quite demanding of my time.”  The universe appreciates your work, Dr. Tyson, and so do we!


Upon the recent 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech, the internet is all a-buzz pondering his legacy and the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.  Historian, original Freedom Singer, and Civil Rights veteran Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon talks to CBS about the power of song.  “The songs we were singing actually echoed where we were,” she explains, offering historical details on well-known protest songs “We Shall Overcome” and “This Little Light of Mine.”


Looking at the current state of affairs in the US, Colorlines editor Rinku Sen outlines the shortcomings of a Civil Rights framework: “‘Civil’ refers largely to political rights, but communities of color need change in economics and culture, too, the kind of change that hasn’t yet been encoded in the law.”  Sen advances a New Racial Justice framework, reminding us that the 1963 March on Washington was not for Civil Rights, but for Jobs and Freedom.  See her talk with Pix11 Morning News about how far the country has come since Dr. King’s famous speech.


Famed creator of the Story of Stuff series Annie Leonard made the cover of YES magazine!  Repeating her emphasis on citizen power over consumer power, she writes that, “striving to make responsible choices at the individual consumer level, while good, is just not enough,” averring that, “the severity of today’s planetary and social crises requires a broader vision and a plan for addressing the root causes of the problem.”


Over at the Nation, Jessica Valenti ponders the merits of an old feminist slogan.


Gay former NFL player Wade Davis launches You Belong: LGBTQA Youth Sports and Leadership Initiative, which recently held its first sports camp in Chicago.  Read more and see video on the Washington Blade.