Trending Now: Walsh-Kennedy Memorial, Wade Davis, and more!

We would like to take a minute to honor and remember two fallen hometown heroes: Lieutenant Edward J. Walsh Jr. and Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy of the Boston Fire Department.


A Lieutenant Walsh – Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund has been established, donations can be made here.


Here’s what some of our speakers have been up to this week:


Former NFL cornerback and You Can Play executive director Wade Davis gave two presentations last week to NFL owners, coaches and front office executives at the annual owners meetings. Wade’s talk addressed sexual orientation and homophobia in the locker room.


In the Washington Post, renowned feminist speaker and author Jessica Valenti describes why we need to keep talking about rape culture.


The Boston Globe covers Kathleen Hanna’s reemergence with the Julie Ruin.


Radiolab chats with Sonia Shah about the difficulties of sharing a planet with mosquitoes and with science writer David Quammen about the risks of getting rid of them.


At Wired Science, Charles C. Mann describes why renewables aren’t enough and clean coal has to be part of our future energy strategy.


That’s all for today – be sure to check back on Friday for our weekly video.