Trending Now: Sandra Steingraber, Wade Davis, Arsalan Iftikhar

Here’s what our speakers have been up to this week:


In an open letter to the NYT, Dr. Sandra Steingraber challenges the claim that there exists a “right way” to frack.


Arsalan Iftikhar talks with NPR about the tragic kidnappings in Nigeria and discusses how groups like Boko Haram are distorting the Muslim faith.


Congratulations to Michael Sam on being drafted by the St. Louis Rams! You Can Play Executive Director, Wade Davis, talks about how LGBT organizations can help support athletes.


Over at the Guardian, Jessica Valenti tells us “Why it’s OK to be a ‘bad feminist’ and Kathleen Hanna discusses “What happens when a riot grrrl grows up.”


We are happy to announce that Resurrection, the hit ABC show based on Jason Mott’s writing, will return for a second season!


That’s all for now, be sure to check back on Friday for our weekly video!