Weekly Round Up: Dr. Amir Aczel, Daisy Hernandez, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez

Check out the latest updates from our awesome speakers and activists:


Head over to The New York Times for their review of Amir Aczel’s latest book:  “Finding Zero”.  “Finding Zero” is Dr. Aczel’s story of his quest for the origins of the most elusive of numbers: zero. It is zero, Dr. Aczel points out, that makes our place-value number system possible. Without it, there is no way to distinguish among 48, 480 and 4,080. Zero is indispensable for our familiar arithmetical operations, and it is half of the binary language of modern computers.


Lambda Literary, the nation’s leading national nonprofit arts organization promoting LGBTQ literature and writers, has announced that Daisy Hernandez will be awarded the 2015 Dr. Betty Berzon Emerging Writer Award.  Congratulations Daisy!


Be sure to check out Dr. Ainissa Ramirez’ latest article “How Night Games Changed Baseball History“, published in Time Magazine.


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