Weekly Roundup: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bas Lansdorp, Rinku Sen, Ntozake Shange

Happy Tuesday! Ease into the week with the latest updates from some of our speakers making headlines:


How do you get excited about science? Let Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bas Lansdorp, founder and CEO of Mars One show you! IFL Science spoke to the host of Emmy Award nominated StarTalk about bringing science to the forefront, igniting the flames of geekdom in all of us, and his discussion with Bas on the dream of establishing a colony on Mars.


In other science news, Rinku Sen’s piece for the Huffington Post offers a unique explanation for racial tension: neuroscience.  According to the article, “The last two decades of neuroscience have revealed the existence of implicit bias, an unconscious form that determines our behavior, even without instruction to discrimination…” which is why “today, we have to focus on impact if we want to create real racial equity.” Read the post and follow Rinku on Twitter for more of her insights.


Finally, Ntozake Shange’s powerful poem “Sorry” was featured last week over at the Alchemist as their poem of the week. Check it out and be inspired to BE YOURSELF!


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