Weekly Roundup: Kyle Thiermann, Susan Douglas, Dr. Steven Strogatz

Happy Tuesday! Here’s the latest news from some of our inspiring speakers:


Check out this video from The Inertia in which pro surfer Kyle Thiermann “redefines cool” by pursuing his passion for the environment.  Truly an inspiration!


Then head on over to inthesetimes.com where Susan Douglas shares her thoughts on Josh Gamson’s “deeply moving and smart new book,” Modern Families: Stories of Extraordinary Journeys to Kinship and inspires us to acknowledge the diverse ways to share and celebrate love.


Finally, congratulations are in order for Dr. Steven Strogatz, winner of the 64th annual Joseph Priestly award, presented by Dickinson College to a “distinguished scientist whose work has contributed to the welfare of humanity.” Read about this great honor here. Thank you for all your amazing work Dr. Strogatz!


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