What’s trending now: Michael Tubbs, Jessica Valenti, and more!

Here’s what is trending from some of our speakers, activists, and change makers:


The Huffington Post interviews Michael Tubbs and proclaims that the 23 year old councilman from Stockton, California will restore your faith in politicians.  True Son, a documentary film about councilman Tubbs, debuted last week at the Tribeca Film Festival.


In her latest column for The Guardian, Jessica Valenti explains that “feminists aren’t ‘man-haters’ – we just don’t like men who are sexist”.


With this year’s NFL draft set to be the first to feature an openly gay player, Bleacher Report describes how Wade Davis and others paved the way for Michael Sam.


GALO Magazine talks with filmmaker Ian Cheney about His Search for General Tso and America’s Love for the Famed Dish.


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